Bo’s Wine Depot Application

written by Heidi L. Smothers, License Investigator

RE: Bo’s Wine Depot, Inc.
Bo’s Wine Depot
364 – 2 E. 40th Avenue
Eugene, Oregon 97405

Dear Southeast Neighbors:

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission has received an application for a Limited On-Premises Sales License and an Off-Premises Sales License at the premises referenced above. These licenses allows the sale of wine, cider and malt beverages (up to 21% alcohol content) for consumption on and off the licensed premises.

If your organization wishes to take a position regarding this application, please write to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, 927 Country Club Road, Suite 200, Eugene, Oregon, 97401. Please answer in writing within 14 days of this letter if you wish to make a statement so that this application may be processed in a timely manner.

Any response will be shared with the applicant(s), made a part of the public record, and considered when evaluating this license application. Matters related to the exercise of license privileges and how that use will affect your organization will be considered.


Heidi L. Smothers
License Investigator