Parks and Recreation Community Workshop Saturday at the Hilyard Center


A workshop sponsored by Parks and Recreation in Eugene will be held at the Hilyard Center at 2580 Hilyard St. on Saturday, February 13th from 10:30-noon. This is South Eugene’s opportunity to provide input on proposals for the next 10-plus years of Parks and Recreation in Eugene. Five themes have emerged to guide this work:

  • Serve the entire community. Provide equitable and welcoming access to parks, recreation facilities and programs regardless of geography, culture, ability or income.
  • Care for what we have. Ensure that basic amenities are provided and that they are safe and clean. Be responsible stewards of current assets and infrastructure by making the best possible use of what we have.
  • Grow responsibly. Understand where growth of the system is required to meet the needs of the community. Focus on quality of life and build on existing strengths.
  • Integrate with other systems. Make regional connections and recognize the inter-dependence of Parks and Recreation with public health, transportation, land use, green infrastructure, education, art and culture and economic development.
  • Invest in partnerships. Continue to leverage Eugene’s assets and expand services to the community through effectively partnering with public agencies, non-profits, the private sector and community volunteers.

With this collective vision in hand, they are creating proposals for the future of the parks and recreation system and invite you to take a look. Childcare and food will be provided.

Visit for more information.