Meeting Minutes: Southeast Neighbors Winter Meeting 2016

Board Members Present: Heather Sielicki (Pres), Roberly Hearsch (VP), Duncan Rhodes (Sec.), Len Epstein, Debbie Hebert, Jenny Oberst Lupton, Seth Sadofsky

Board Members Absent: Ken Beeson (Treas.), Emily Fox, Lealan Swanson

Neighbors Present: Lauren Albert,  Tana Bailey, Daniel Berma, Anna Borrowes, Laurel Burke, Elaine Twigg Cornet, Paul Dresman, Don French, Becky Gordon, Paul Gordon, Pavel Gubanitchin, Judy Hall, Jerry Hambleton, Anand Holtham-Keathley, Gordon Kadar, Janet W. LeCouteau, Heather Lindsay, Donna McIntosh, Deborah Nobel, Maggie Parker, Leia Pitcher, Glisson Powell, Nancy Schwieger, Chris Siefert, Alexandra Sielicki, Tim Simons, Betty Taylor, Alan Twigg, Gabriel ???, Sherman ???

Guests:  Kurt Yeiter, Reed Dunbar

Public Forum

  • NorthWest Student Exchange Program – Assa Sylla Traore spoke to promote foreign high-school student exchange programs for the timeframe of August 2016 to June 2017.  For more info go to, or call 541-285-8096 or email
  • Anand Holtham-Keathley invited us to attend the 2016 3rd annual Festival of Eugene, August 20th & 21st at Skinner Butte Park at Riverplay, Saturday 10 am – 10 pm, Sunday 10 am – 7 pm.  Two stages, 30 local bands, 2 beer gardens, plus much more.   If you would like to attend monthly meetings for this group, they are held the first Saturday of each month at 3:00 pm at 1702 2nd Avenue.
  • Lauren Albert and Tim Simons of LTD announced their annual route review.  They will have a meeting to solicit public comment on March 16th at the downtown Library at 5:30 pm.
  • Leia Pitcher of the Eugene Independent Police Auditor solicited complaints and commendations for EPD.  You can phone them at 541-682-5016, email them at:, or visit their website at:
  • Paul Gordon spoke about ongoing drug-related problems near 30th Avenue & Ferry Street.  Please call EPD if you observe anything so we can get rid of this problem.
  • Sherman spoke about Lane Local Foods, a non-profit that promotes direct connections between farmers & consumers, online at:  Saturday Farmers Market is now open on Saturdays from 8 am – 2 pm at 8th Avenue & Park. On-line orders can be picked up Tuesday evenings at Church of the Resurrection, 3925 Hilyard Street.

Featured Presentation: Transportation

Kurt Yeiter, Sr. Transportation Planner, 541-682-8379,, spoke about the 20-year 2035 Eugene Transportation System Plan, which includes:

  • The results of the Envision Eugene process
  • Vision Zero (a goal of zero traffic deaths) has been adopted by City Council
  • More transportation mode choices
  • A 50% reduction in CO2 emissions in Eugene
  • The Complete Streets concept
  • Incorporates & replaces the formerly separate Pedestrian & Bicycle Master Plan
  • Emphasizes key bike/ped corridors & 20-minute neighborhoods
  • Emphasis on street maintenance rather than widening streets to accommodate more vehicle traffic, allowing increased delay times for vehicles as a consequence, & encouraging alternate transportation modes.
  • Promote alternative & stable funding system
  • Allow bike/ped projects to directly compete for funds with highway/street projects
  • Emphasize ITS (Intelligent Transportation System) & Smart Signals, where traffic signals can network together & actively modify timing to maximize traffic flow.
  • Additional defined funding for sidewalk infill, to provide connected walking networks.
  • A Planning Commission hearing on the TSP with public comment period is scheduled for May 2016
  • City Council is scheduled to vote on approval of the TSP in July 2016
  • The 2035 TSP is available at:

Reed Dunbar, Associate Transportation Planner, 541-682-5727,, spoke  about the reconstruction of East Amazon Drive in 2017 and West Amazon Drive in 2018 These streets will be completely rebuilt, excavating down about 2 feet in the process.

  • East Amazon will receive a cycle track where the existing bike lane exists, a 2-way, 2-lane bicycle facility separated from the roadway by a concrete curb.  
  • West Amazon will retain a single bike lane in the existing location.  
  • Crossings over Amazon Creek (maybe in 2016!)
  • 3 prefabricated 10’ wide steel pedestrian bridges (45’ in length); preferred locations include 37th Avenue, 39th Avenue (replace the existing bridge), and Dillard Road
  • Concrete footings and access paths to bridges
  • ADA ramps to access paths
  • Pedestrian scale lighting, crosswalks, and warning signs
  • Extend the Amazon Path to Tugman Park by widening the sidewalk to 12’ on the west side of Hilyard Street (10’ width where constrained).
  • Complete reconstruction of the Amazon running trail from Hilyard to Martin to improve drainage and eliminate puddles.
  • West 24th Avenue – Parking on the south side of the street will be removed from Amazon to Hilyard.  A public meeting to discuss 24th Avenue traffic issues, such as the new Roosevelt MS producing increased traffic flow, student pickup & dropoff, safe student biking & walking to the new location, the future YMCA location in the current Roosevelt MS location, etc., will be held 3/17 at the Roosevelt Middle School.