Southeast Neighbors Board Minutes Date:  3/8/16

Board Members Present: Heather Sielicki (Pres), Roberly Hearsch (VP), Ken Beeson (Treas.), Duncan Rhodes (Sec.), Len Epstein, Seth Sadofsky

Board Members Absent: Emily Fox, Debbie Hebert, Jenny Oberst Lupton, Lealan Swanson

Neighbors Present:  Ken Standhardt, Brent Was, Mark Turner, Janet Bevirt, Georgette Silber, Bob Silber, David Monk

Visitors: Zach Galloway, Sasha Luftig, Chris Henry


  • Zach Galloway (City Metropolitan and Community Planning), Sasha Luftig (LTD), & Chris Henry (City Transportation Planning Engineer) gave a presentation on Moving Ahead, which discussed the integration of land use and transportation planning.  They are currently evaluating the River Road Corridor, the Coburg Road Corridor, the Highway 99 Corridor, and the 30th Ave./LCC Corridor for potential EmX and/or enhanced corridor. The Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard Corridor is being evaluated as a potential enhanced corridor.  They are engaged in stakeholder interviews, workshops, open houses, and community outreach such as this neighborhood meeting. They expect to complete Phase 1 in fall of 2016, and select preferred options for each corridor. Phase 2 will be completed by fall 2017, and will include refinements to the option selected for each corridor, including impacts, environmental concerns, and prioritization. Phase 3, detailed design work, will commence after the completion of Phase 2, although no firm date has been established. The public is invited to comment on their plans by March 18th at  On April 25th at 5:30 PM there will be a work session on this issue with City Council.
  • Ken Standhardt, Brent Was, & Mark Turner gave an overview of the work they’re doing to house the homeless at the Church of the Resurrection. They have hosted car campers through the St. Vincent DePaul program, and they currently have three Conestoga huts in the parking lot. They plan to construct three 8’ x 12’ tiny houses (Bungalows) in their place. They will install electrical service capable of supporting four of these tiny houses – the city of Eugene limit is six maximum. They are interested in empowering the homeless to return to productive lives in society. You can see their program at
  • Seth reported on the Oregon consensus information gathering sessions being conducted on the SW-SAZ. At the moment there is no timeline to present the findings to the City Council.
  • Heather reported on CERT. CERT will be conducting a full-scale exercise to test response in the aftermath of an area-wide disaster (earthquake).  If you are interested in participating in this exercise on Saturday, March 19th from 9:30 AM to 12:00 noon at Fire Station 15, 80 E. 33rd Ave. you can sign up at the community network will be using the FRS radios on Channel 5.  Training will be offered on Saturday, March 12 from 10:00 to 12:00 AM at the Hilyard Center. Don Metheny is our CERT representative for SEN.
  • Heather reported that Greg Butler (with the Eugene Weekly) and Laura Burke (with a degree in communications, learning iContact) are interested in producing our SEN newsletter.
  • Len said that we will probably have a Tugman work party on July 14th.
  • Ken reported on the budget, and extensive discussion ensued. He will send out the budget, as well as report on our city funds and their usage so that we can discuss them.
  • The SEN nominating committee will be comprised of Duncan, Dan Snyder, and a third person. David Monk volunteered, but he would like to run for the board, so he probably has a conflict of interest to be on the nominating committee.