South Willamette Special Area Zone: Oregon Consensus Assessment Report

PathFollowing Council direction and a request by Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy, Oregon Consensus interviewed community members to help find the best next steps in the ongoing learning and decision-making process surrounding the South Willamette Special Area Zone. Some of the questions they asked included:

  • Background about the interviewees and their involvement with SW-SAZ (why are they interested in the SW-SAZ; their history of involvement; affiliations)
  • Interviewee thoughts about the issues (what is the history, what are the key issues)
  • Interviewee thoughts about desired outcomes (what do they want, what do they think others want)
  • Interviewee perspectives on collaboration (would it help, what are challenges/barriers, would they participate)
  • Interviewee thoughts about alternatives (if no collaborative process, what happens)

A final report was submitted for review last week. Their assessment report summarizes what they heard and learned from the interviews. The report also includes a recommendation for how to move forward and find the best next steps in the ongoing learning and decision-making process.

To read a brief introduction and overview of the Oregon Consensus assessment process click here.

To read an outline of the interviews as planned preceding the assessment click here.

For questions about the contents of the summary report, please contact Turner Odell (OC Senior Project Manager) at 503-725-8200 or by email at