Amazon Park Playground Renovations

Amazon Park Playground Project Site Plan

Amazon Park Playground Project Site Plan

Have you heard about the upcoming playground renovations at Amazon Park Playground ? Here’s what I learned from Emily Proudfoot, ASLA Landscape Architect, City of Eugene Public Works.

“First, there’s lots of removal happening.  We’ll take out the old wading pool and convert this area to lawn.  We’ll also take out the landscape area south of the existing playground and convert it to lawn, trees, picnic tables and benches.  And then we’ll remove the existing play area south of the wading pool and incorporate new elements into the main playground area.  This area under the trees will also be converted to lawn.

Next, we’ll put in new stuff!  All of the existing play equipment save for the fire engine and the dinosaur will be removed.  We’ll expand the existing play area toward the dinosaur.  Then we’ll replace the current big ramping structure with a new one that will be very similar in style and layout with just a bit smaller footprint.  We’ll add back swings, a couple of spinners, and then a nice larger and taller structure as well – and we’ll add the fire engine into the mix here as well.  Surrounding the playground we’ll have new benches, picnic tables and trash receptacles.  The dinosaur will stay right where it is and keep a watchful eye.

Last but not least we’ll construct all new surrounding sidewalks that will be wider, smoother and much more accessible.”

There’s one additional feature that Public Works is really hoping we’ll be able to install, which would be very accessible playground surfacing.  Overall, the intent with this playground is to make it as universally accessible and inclusive as possible. They’ve applied for a grant to be able to put in a smooth and bouncy astro-turf surfacing in instead of wood chips.

Construction is scheduled to begin in June, so plan on the playground being closed all summer for construction, and re-opening likely sometime in October. For more information, contact Emily at <> .