Should Southeast Neighbors sell advertising to help pay for neighborhood newsletters and postcards?

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I don’t think advertising, as long is it wasn’t the predominant material in the newsletter, would be terribly bad. I would also add a note something like “Due to the city’s decision to restrict the amount of the funding to our neighborhood association, we have been forced to use advertising as a means of continuing our printed publication.” I do think that the city should provide more money for printed newsletters, also.
Every effort should be made to accept advertising from neighborhood services, restaurants , shops etc.
If advertising were restricted to SE neighbor businesses (or they received a special rate), that would be great. If they wanted to include coupons or other enticements for SE neighbors to shop and do business within walking distance of our homes, so much the better. Double win: ad revenue and promoting neighborhood livability /walkability. Thanks for your good work on behalf of the neighborhood!
Yes, BUT only with a message clearly visible by the ad/ads that says something like …’the SE Neighborhood Assn. does not endorse this place/companies’…& that if you don’t want ads in your newsletters, please contribute (& tell how, how much needed etc.). Actually, some people might be more likely to look at the newsletter if there were ads in it with coupons…. It wasn’t clear to me if you were referring only to PAPER newsletters? (you said ‘print’) or to digital ones as well? Isn’t it possible to decrease your postal mailing address list of over 5,000 addresses ? I think you like to mail one paper newsletter a year. Probably to reach new households or those without access to a computer? But if you asked your digital address subscribers if they wanted to receive a paper copy as well, i.e. once a year, would it be possible to cull that list? Or too much work/time? Also, I’d suggest you tell us how much is needed, c. how much per person/household, to close your budget shortfall. Thanks for all you do, and thanks particularly to Heather!
If you decide to do so, only local small businesses should be eligible.
We get mailers from many businesses in the area–why not combine forces?
only local advertising