Watch for Mail Thieves

EPD Alert

Posted on: April 14, 2016
Watch for Mail Thieves

Eugene Police Crime Analysis Unit has noted more incidents involving mail theft over the last few weeks. There was a report recently where several cluster-style mailboxes were broken into the in the River Road area.

While looking through new property crime cases for stolen valuables to compare with items sold in second hand stores, a member of the Crime Analysis Unit identified a stolen mail trend. Crime Analysis quickly collaborated with their colleagues in Crime Prevention, who in turn notified the River Road neighbors.

EPD’s Crime Analysis unit works to locate and provide areas and times that crimes are most likely to occur. Then disseminate that information to EPD command for deployment. Crimes range from violent to property to quality of life. Crime analysis works closely with command staff, detectives, officers, and many others to provide hard to find answers.

If you see mail theft in progress, call 911. If you have information or surveillance images on mail theft occurrences, please call the non-emergency line at 541.682.5111.