Lane County to install scales at Glenwood trash station and improve recycling capabilties

By Francesca Fontana, The Register-Guard, April 12, 2016

The renovation will improve the recycling arrangement, Ashbridge said. Recycling was not as common when the site was built 40 years ago, and as recycling has become more popular and drawn more traffic, the current layout doesn’t work well, she said. The renovation will reconfigure the recycling to be easier and more convenient for residents, Ashbridge said.


The work, slated to be completed this year, will temporarily inconvenience customers, the county said.

Glenwood is the county’s busiest transfer station for both local haulers and for residents, Ashbridge said. Haulers dump trash on the commercial side of the covered pit, and residents dump both trash and recyclables.

The facility “has not received any major upgrades in the past 40 years,” Ashbridge said.

The renovation project is expected to go to bid on May 13, and work should start in mid-June and last through the summer.

During the work, the transfer station still will be open seven days a week, meaning that the renovation work will take place while the station is open. Ashbridge said that the work may cause temporary inconvenience and asks residents to be patient.

Ashbridge recommends coming on Sunday or weekdays to spread the traffic out and avoid Saturday, as it is the busiest day at the transfer station.

Source: Lane County to install scales at Glenwood trash station and begin charging by weight, not volume