Community E-Waste Recycling Drive

The following schools are participating in an E-Waste competition with the support of NextStep and Partners for Sustainable Schools. From Friday, April 22 through Friday, April 29, each school will collect as many unwanted electronics from the community as they can. Results will be weighed at the end of the month and the school who collects the most wins. Be part of the re-use/recycle solution this Earth Day and help these schools keep electronics out of the landfill.

Bertha Holt
Camas Ridge Elementary
Corridor Elementary
Edgewood Community Elementary
Guy Lee
Ridgeline Montessori Public Charter
Roosevelt Middle
The Village School
Yujin Gakuen

Recyclable items include toys, television sets, computer monitors and CPUs (desktop computer towers), flat screen monitors, printers, computer cables, cell phone and stereo equipment, slow cookers, hair dryers, phone chargers, blenders…everything from coffee makers and toasters…anything that has a cord or takes batteries! Light bulbs and regular batteries are not part of this collection but rechargeable batteries are welcome.

Tell your neighbors we have six schools supporting this drive in South Eugene!

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