Amazon Organics to expand and re-open Jiffy-Mart

signby Laurel Burke

Amazon Organics is a medical and recreational cannabis dispensary located at 3443 Hilyard St. The owner has acquired the Jiffy-Mart space next door, which was vacated after the previous operators retired. Amazon Organics plans to re-open with a number of upgrades. My interview with Amazon Organics staff discussed how their business has been growing, what they do, and how they operate. I first spoke with Kayla Delong, Administrative Assistant extraordinaire, who invited me into the store for the interview, as well as Lindsey Finster, Cannabis Consultant, and the owner (who prefers to remain anonymous at this time) who spoke very passionately about the neighborhood, his history, and love of Eugene.

Kayla indicated that Amazon Organics has been in Southeast Eugene since April, 2014. She said the business has been great and “getting better all the time”, and it was emphasized that staff are educating people about what they do and what they stand for. Kayla and Lindsey moved to the neighborhood last year and both expressed positive feelings–both personally and as a business–about being in the community. Kayla listed several events where Amazon Organics was featured including the Emerald Trade Alliance. “The goal is to try to educate people, and a portion of proceeds from our one year anniversary event went to Whitebird Clinic, and we want to get even more involved.” Both Lindsey and Kayla emphasized the importance of educating people about how cannabis can be helpful in addressing a wide range of health issues. Lindsey says “We really enjoy making the customer feel welcome and we want everyone to feel important as well as teaching people how we can help them. Our highest priority is to help people and be a resource for our community.”

Kayla says she is excited about the new plans and the expansion into the next door space because she recognizes how much the community enjoys gathering here. “We will be offering a lot of the same things as the previous business and it will be nice for us to have more space. I like the fact that people will be able to just come and share with each other. I really like the culture in Eugene and that its’ so genuinely positive.”

Amazon Organic’s owner, who reported living in Southeast Eugene for 20 years, also emphasized a commitment to the neighborhood. There is a target date to re-open the Jiffy-Mart on June 4. The owner described plans for the expansion as follows: “We plan on having sandwiches and beverages, but it will be a significant upgrade in quality and all our products will be locally sourced. That is very important to our business and we plan on keeping a lot of the same elements as the previous business. We have big plans including a seating space that will be used all year round. We want to make it more inclusive for everyone and for people to feel welcome.” The owner is hopeful that the community will find the expansion a good addition to our neighborhood and will spread the word about the new face of Jiffy-Mart and Amazon Organics.

For more information about Amazon Organics go to or call (541) 636-4100 for questions or comments.

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  1. I still have a couple questions after reading the piece:

    Is this just an expansion of the dispensary or will it be a separate market?
    Will it be a family-friendly place to shop or will it just be an addition to the dispensary?


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