South Willamette Initiative Proposed

A proposal for South Willamette from Councilors George Brown and Mike Clark.

Council of South Eugene Neighborhoods

South Willamette Interested Parties,

The attached proposal was sent out by Councilors George Brown and Mike Clark yesterday. Our team of planners will be looking at this closely and offering our thoughts when appropriate. I’m certain the Council would like to hear all of your thoughts on it as well. I would ask you to include me in any comments you send the Council about this matter, to keep our planning staff in the loop of communication on this very important issue. I very much appreciate being included on the messages several of you have already sent.

I have also attached my introductory comments from the Friendly Area Neighbors meeting last Thursday. I am happy to attend other group or individual meetings whenever it makes sense and would be helpful.

Thank you for your dedicated interest in this community issue.

Terri Harding, AICP
Principal Planner/Metro & Community Planning Eugene Planning…

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One thought on “South Willamette Initiative Proposed

  1. The initiative pointedly omits any mention of cycling or bike related improvements in describing the “enhanced walkability and accessibility district” Also note the phrasing: “focusing on cost effective and non-disruptive actions” – sounds like code for actually doing very little.


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