Spring Neighborhood Meeting: May 10, 2016

Southeast Neighbors is holding our annual elections meeting on Tuesday, May 10 from 7:00pm-8:30pm at the Good Samaritan Society Eugene Main Room on 3500 Hilyard St. All ages are welcome and child care is available.


  • Public Announcements (15)
  • Election of 2016-2018 Board Members……Candidates, SEN Members Vote (30)
  • Community Crime Report……Eugene Police Department (15)
  • Neighborhood Association Update……Heather, Ken, Lealan (30)
  • Election Results/Adjourn (5)

Run For Election

Four At-Large board members and a Vice President will be selected by vote of the membership at this meeting. If you would like to join the SEN Board, we would like you to deliver a short (2 – 5 minutes max.) stump speech at the May 10th SEN Election & General Meeting on why you are running for the board – your background, competencies, and how you believe you could be an asset to the community. You can use the following questions as examples of talking points:

  1. What are the 2 main things you hope to accomplish in the coming year if elected to the SEN Board?
  2. Please share any relevant personal experience that you feel prepares you for this role (1 or 2 sentences is fine).
  3. In terms of time commitment, we meet monthly for 2-hours on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at Good Samaritan, 3500 Hilyard Street. There is email correspondence in between meetings. We hold work parties and community events (add 1-3 hours extra monthly). Add 5 hours additional for the Vice President role. Can you commit the time necessary to serve?
  4. (Optional) Do you have experience working collaboratively in small groups?

To nominate yourself for the ballot, please email us the essentials of your ‘stump’ speech. Nominations may also be made from the floor at the time of the election.