Earthquake Emergency Preparedness: What Can You Do?

Last year’s Pulitzer Prize winning New Yorker Magazine article, “The Really Big One,” has awakened us to the reality that a huge disaster is in our future. We know it is inevitable, but not whether it will happen tomorrow or years in the future. How bad will it be? Click on this OPB Link and find out.

This won’t be just a weekend of inconvenience. More likely, there will months of major disruption of electricity, water, roadways, and much more.  For example, if your house isn’t designed or modified to withstand a major earthquake, it may have walked off its foundation and be uninhabitable. It may take years to recover.

What can we do to survive the catastrophe that may extend from British Columbia to Northern California?  We have brought together three experts to help you start planning:

Krista Dillon will describe what the likely impacts will be, both their intensity and duration.

Steve McGuire, expert on earthquake retrofits, will tell us how to make sure that your house stays put and your chimney doesn’t tear it apart.

Carlos Barrera will describe programs that give you the tools to connect with your neighbors now, so you can support each other when the big one hits.

Our first questioner will be Paul Thompson, City Club member and early earthquake preparer.

  • DATE: Friday, April 29, 2016
  • TIME: 12:00pm – 1:20pm
  • LOCATION: UO Academic Extension at the Downtown Baker Center, 975 High St. Eugene, OR 97401
  • ADMISSION: FREE for City Club members, $5 for guests.
  • LUNCH: Lunch can be purchased at the program; $13 for members, $15 for non-members.
  • PARKING: Event parking is available free in the east lot adjacent to the Baker Center. Overflow parking is available directly across High St. for a fee.


  • Krista Dillon: University of Oregon Director of Emergency Management and Fire Prevention
  • Steve McGuire: Lane County Building Program Manager
  • Carlos Barrera: CERT District Leader and Map Your Neighborhood Trainer

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