Construction for the South Willamette Street Pilot Nearly Complete

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The Pilot Study will be examining a new street configuration between 24th and 29th avenues with one travel lane in each direction, a center turn lane, and bike lanes in each direction. A new traffic signal at the Willamette Street entrance to the Woodfield Station shopping center is included as a permanent investment where there will also be two southbound travel lanes. Construction for the pilot study is anticipated to be complete around May 20, 2016 (provided that there are no unforeseen construction delays). Work to be completed includes the installation of traffic signal equipment at the Woodfield Station entrance and at 29th Avenue on Willamette Street and restriping of the street.

Since before the construction began, data gathering efforts have been underway to measure the performance of the street from a transportation perspective as well as monitor business activity and public opinion of people using the corridor. Once construction is complete, and allowance for a period of adjustment to the new street configuration, data gathering efforts will continue for a full calendar year (monitoring transportation, economics, and public opinion) with a report expected to be prepared and presented to the Eugene City Council in mid-2017.

The South Willamette Street Pilot Study is necessary to validate the analysis performed in the South Willamette Street Improvement Plan and to determine how the street will be configured at the completion of a pavement preservation project scheduled for 2018. The City of Eugene is fortunate to have received a federal Surface Transportation Program grant of $2 million to enhance the Willamette Street streetscape. The funding will be used to replace sidewalks and driveway aprons, incorporate stormwater treatment into the streetscape, and add other amenities between 24th and 29th avenues which may include pedestrian-scale lighting, street trees, benches, and bike racks.

Post-Construction Planning Process
The pilot study restriping will last a full calendar year following an adjustment period after construction. The restriping will provide an opportunity to confirm traffic modeling data and learn from actual experience before permanent changes are made to that section of Willamette Street. Lessons learned from the pilot study can also be applied to other transportation corridor projects. A report to the Eugene City Council detailing the study results from transportation, economic, and user experience perspectives is expected in early 2017. Following a final decision on the South Willamette Street configuration, a pavement preservation project is planned for construction in 2018 when the final street configuration decision will be implemented.

Please refer to the project website for the most current project information at: or contact Chris Henry at or 541-682-8472.

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  1. great post, Heather. I’m wondering about the bike lanes though. They are so badly needed, but I was looking at the road carefully today, and the pavement is not at all safe for bicycling as it is in a terrible state of disrepair. I didn’t notice any plans to repave or resurface?


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