Art Car in the Making

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Art Car by Margot Lovinger

Have you ever thought about making your own art car? Would you like to learn how to transform your ordinary vehicle into a rolling work of art? On Saturdays during the month of May, head down to the Amazon Community Center in Eugene from 10 to noon for a FREE four-part class, open to the public in south end of the parking lot.

Register for all four Saturdays, or just stop by whenever you can to see how the car is coming along– no commitment needed, and the curious are welcome. The basic plan is this:

  • Week 1- Preparing the surface
  • Week 2- masking and priming
  • Week 3- transferring the design and working with paint
  • Week 4- painting the car.

Margot Lovinger has a history of turning plain jane cars into eye-catching art on wheels. Learn the tricks of the trade on how you can do the same.