Rising Temperatures = More Bike Riding & Bike Thefts

Spring is here. More people are out cycling, and that means bike thefts are likely to surge. There were 1,010 bicycles reported stolen in 2013, 848 bicycles reported stolen in 2012 and 846 reported stolen in 2011. Sixty-five (65) bikes were recovered in 2013, which translates to about one out of fifteen.


If you’d like to keep your bike from being stolen, consider the following measures:
  1. Follow the lead of over 5,000 fellow Eugeneans and register your bicycle with Eugene Police on line at www.eugenepolice.com . Select “prevention and safety,” then select “bicycle safety/theft prevention.”  An on line form will lead you through a thorough description of your bike. Within a couple weeks of filling out the form, you will receive a sticker in the mail to adhere to your bike to further establish ownership. Once your bike is registered, if your bike is stolen, when you call us we will already have your bike’s description and the information needed for a detailed report. Your odds of getting your bike back will go up considerably.
  2.  Lock your bike with a substantial lock – a U-bolt style is best. No lock is foolproof, but a high-end lock is more likely to deter thieves.  Bikes have frequently been stolen from inside garages, storage sheds and apartments, so make sure those locations are well secured, as well. Many bike owners invest a lot of money in nice bikes, and then hold back when it comes to the lock. Big mistake!
  3. If you are a UO student, you now register your bike through U of O Parking and Transportation, 1401 Walnut Street, Eugene, tel. (541) 346-5444.
  4. One prudent approach to consider: buy a cheaper bike and an expensive lock!
For more information, contact  541-682-5111.


  1. Visit Eugene Police Crime Prevention Services on