Transportation System Plan Joint Hearing

by Kurt Yeiter

The final draft of the Eugene 2035 Transportation System Plan (2035 TSP) is available on the project website

The Eugene and Lane County Planning Commissions will hold a joint public hearing on the 2035 TSP on Tuesday June 21, 2016. 6:00 PM (introduction, overview); 6:30 PM (public hearing) in Harris Hall, 125 East 8th Avenue, Eugene (in the Lane County Public Services Building) Details and agenda…

The Planning Commissions will collect and consider verbal and written testimony at the hearing and, at a later meeting, make a recommendation to their respective elected bodies (i.e., the Eugene City Council and Board of County Commissioners). The date for the Council/Board public hearing is not yet known.

The 2035 TSP provides goals, policies, programs, and infrastructure improvements necessary to meet the needs of this growing community for the next 20 years. Development of this plan benefited from countless hours of help by the Transportation Community Resource Group (which included several neighborhood leaders), Technical Advisory Committee, neighborhood and community organizations, local commissions and committees, advice from the sponsoring state agencies, and the general public.

The upcoming public hearing is an opportunity for you to provide, directly to the Planning Commission (and later to the City Council), your comments on the plan, suggested changes, or, if the mood is right, your support for the process that produced it and the contents within it. Comments to the Planning Commissions may be submitted through me at the address or email below between now and the hearing, or presented directly to the Commissions during the public hearing.

The 2035 TSP offers these notable changes from TransPlan, our current transportation plan:

  • “Triple-bottom line” sustainability metrics were integrated into the planning process so that the resultant transportation system could optimize its effects on environmental, social, and economic conditions.
  • Clearer emphasis on social equity and safety, including a “Vision Zero”-influenced policy to underscore that no loss of life or serious injury on our streets is acceptable.
  • Recognition of, and direct connections to, Eugene’s Climate Recovery Ordinance.
  • The Eugene Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan was updated and incorporated into the TSP.
  • Support for Envision Eugene’s “Key Corridors,” LTD’s frequent transit network, and the active MovingAhead corridor planning program.
  • Incorporation and adoption of the Randy Papé Beltline Facility Plan.
  • Updated Levels of Service (changed from D to E for most streets; Eugene’s downtown LOS remains F).
  • An updated street functional classification map.

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