Southeast Neighbors General Meeting Minutes 5/10/16

Public Announcements

Clinton Begley (, 541-654-8965), of the Long Tom Watershed Council announced that in future they will focus upon water quality in Amazon Creek, to make it suitable for native cutthroat trout.  At present it is too polluted to support them.  They are soliciting donations at

Seth Sadofsky & Steve Bade discussed Eugene’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee(BPAC), which advises the City of Eugene Transportation Planning staff and community organizations and partners on Implementation of the Pedestrian and Bicycle Strategic Plan, community and constituent interests in transportation planning decisions, & provides feedback to staff on projects relating to walking and bicycling.  You can see what they are working on, or submit your comments at their website (

Community Crime Report

Lt. Sean McGann , EPD Watch Commander for Beat 3 (Sunday-Wednesday nights), which includes SEN, said that Beat 3 is one of the lowest crime areas in Eugene, but still generates 4000-5000 complaints to EPD per year. EPD is data-driven, so please call EPD even if you don’t feel that the complaint will be addressed, since even low-level/low-urgency complaints get fed into EPD modeling software to determine patrol frequency.  Noise or Traffic complaints may be made on-line at, or by calling 541-682-5111.  Emergencies should call 911.

Paul Bishop, EPD Crime Prevention Specialist, said that the most frequent crime in Eugene are:

  • #1 Vehicle Theft 2 ($100-$1000);
  • #2 Identity Theft;
  • #3 Residential Burglary;
  • #4 Shoplifting;
  • #5 Dog at Large; &
  • #6 Vehicle Theft 3 (≤$100) (90% are recovered)

The EPD Crime Prevention Specialist for Beat 3 which includes SEN is Steven Chambers (, 541-682-5178).


Elections for vice-chair, and four at-large positions. Each candidate provided 3-minute speech. The following were elected to two-year terms:

  • Lealan Swanson (VP)
  • Len Epstein (At-Large)
  • Dennis Hebert (At-Large)
  • David Monk (At-Large)
  • Deborah Noble (At-Large)

Emily Proudfoot, Parks & Open Space Landscape Architect (, 541-682-4915) announced that the Parks System Plan has been developed after conferring with over 7000 Eugene residents, but not yet adopted as City policy ( Eugene parks have over 9 million annual visits by resident adults.  The Amazon Park play structure will be replaced this summer, with the potential addition of resilient surfacing if a federal grant materializes.  The Suzanne Arlie Park Master Plan is being developed.  Please take the web survey at: Site tours are expected to begin in the next few months.

Len Epstein announced that the next Tugman work party will be on 7/14.

Neighborhood Association Updates

  • Budget Update (Ken – 5 min)
    • Financial status – brief review of SEN bank account and expected allocation from City
    • Budget – overview of budget approved by Board in April
    • Donation process – review recent donation request, why we need donations
  • Land Use
    • SW-SAZ
      • Held a community forum last week. Video online.
      • The council voted unanimously to withdraw the South Willamette Special Area Zone from further consideration, ending a five-year planning effort.
      • Mayor Kitty Piercy intends to convene a June 20 forum to hear ideas and concerns about south Willamette, including how to move forward, from anyone interested in attending.
    • There is a target date to re-open the Jiffy-Mart on June 4, will still sell sandwiches and beverages, but locally sourced. Seating space that will be used all year round.
    • Seattle-based pizza chain MOD coming to south Eugene, have closed laundromat (Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, Domino’s and Pegasus Pizza all nearby)
    • The owner of the burned-out Southtowne Lanes in south Eugene is proposing to build a one-story, 10,500-square-foot commercial building to replace the bowling alley.
  • Transportation
    • Paving Projects
      • In the next couple of weeks, the city will pave Fox Hollow Road from Donald Street to Cline Road. Later this summer, the city will pave Dillard Road from 43rd Avenue to several hundred feet short of the city limits. On both projects, shoulders will be widened where there are opportunities to do so.
    • South Willamette Street Pilot
      • New street configuration between 24th and 29th avenues with one travel lane in each direction, a center turn lane, and bike lanes in each direction.
      • Construction for the pilot study is anticipated to be complete around May 20, 2016; installation of traffic signal equipment at the Woodfield Station entrance and at 29th Avenue on Willamette Street and restriping of the street.
      • The City of Eugene received a federal Surface Transportation Program grant of $2 million to replace sidewalks and driveway aprons, incorporate stormwater treatment into the streetscape, and add other amenities which may include pedestrian-scale lighting, street trees, benches, and bike racks.
      • A report to the Eugene City Council detailing the study results from transportation, economic, and user experience perspectives is expected in early 2017. Following a final decision on the South Willamette Street configuration, a pavement preservation project is planned for construction in 2018 when the final street configuration decision will be implemented.
    • EmX Enhanced Corridor Alternative along 30th – more frequent bus service, bus stops every ¼ mile, bus stops with more amenities, and roadway improvements to make bus trips faster and more reliable.
  • Community Projects
    • Recycling Competition: 15,935 lbs. Collected
    • Feed Hope: Saturday May 14th 10am-12pm, register This is especially great for families as kids 3 and up can serve alongside their parents.
    • Gatekeeper Program is an organized outreach effort designed to identify, refer, and respond to at-risk older adults and people with disabilities living in our community. Mon, May 16, 6:30pm – 8pm at the Hilyard Community Center, 2580 Hilyard St.
    • Community Rummage Sale
    • Tiny Homes project @ Church of Resurrection
    • Music in the park?
  • Parks and Open Space Updates
    • Tugman Park
      • Tugman Park Newt Experience
      • Ongoing maintenance
    • Milton Park
      • Pesticide free park
    • Amazon Park
      • Convert landscape area south of the existing playground to lawn, trees, picnic tables and benches.
      • All of the existing play equipment save for the fire engine and the dinosaur will be removed, adding back swings,  spinners, and structures.
      • Will be closed all summer, re-open in October.
  • Neighborhood Picnic
    • September 10
    • Music, Food, Tablers
  • Neighborhood Disaster Planning Effort
    • Communication network
    • Designated meeting place
    • Neighborhood block coordinators
      • Sunday, June 26, 2016 from 3:00pm to 5:00pm, Sunday, July 31 from 3:00pm to 5:00pm, Sunday, August 28 from 3:00pm to 5:00pm
  • Other Notices
    • Current Incentives to Replace Residential Heating Systems: Federal and Oregon 2016 tax credits, Eugene Water & Electric Board (EWEB) and NW Natural incentives, rebates.

Board Members Present: Heather Sielicki (Pres), Lealan Swanson (VP), Ken Beeson (Treas.), Duncan Rhodes (Sec.), Len Epstein, Emily Fox, Dennis Hebert, David Monk, Deborah Noble, Jenny Oberst Lupton

Neighbors Present:  Janet Bevirt (?), Ron Bevirt (?), Debbie Hebert, David Saul, Laurel Burke, Carol Pearce, Karen Corvino (?), Judy Tenn, Catherin Susac, Joyce Eaton, Seth Sadofsky, Kristin King, Paul Schultz, Clayton Gautier, Eben Fodor, Rene Minz, Bob Brasten, Pamela Rhyne, Daniel Berman (?), Daniel (?), Karen Giese,

Guests Present: Peter Gallagher, Steve Bade, Betty Taylor, Sean McGann, Paul Bishop

Date/Time: Tuesday, May 10, 7:00pm to 8:30pm

Location: Good Samaritan