Talk About Schools South Eugene

Join me for an hour Tuesday night in the South Eugene High School library to describe the education Oregon students would receive, if it were up to you. The Oregon Rising Project wants to know not just what schools could be, but what you think they should be.

Everyone is Invited

The invitation to engage in a conversation about achieving quality public schools is open to everyone. You may share your feedback in person or by using a computer at the event.

When: Tuesday, May 31 from 7pm to 8pm
South Eugene High School Library

Oregon Rising participants will also be invited to provide feedback on the plan as it is developed next fall, and to join in the legislative session discussion next year.

Oregon Rising is a non-partisan effort and it is not related to a bond or ballot measure.

The project sponsors will use the results to build a plan for the future of Oregon’s public schools in the 2017 legislative session..