Public Hearing Notice: Rest Haven/Cathedral Park (CU 02-4)

Request: Approval of a Conditional Use Permit for 172 units of Controlled Income and Rent Housing. The proposal consists of 12 studio units, 36 one-bedroom flats, 92 two-bedroom flats, 20 two-bedroom townhouses, 12 three-bedroom townhouses and one community building.

Background: The subject of this public hearing is somewhat unique as an application for a Conditional Use Permit (“CUP”) to build Controlled Income and Rent (“CIR”) housing, which is defined as a housing project consisting of dwellings exclusively for low-income individuals and families (i.e. at or below 80 percent of the area median income). The City initially rejected the CIR-CUP application for Cathedral Park back in 2002. The applicant appealed the City’s 2002 decision to reject the application, to the State’s Land Use Board of Appeals (“LUBA”). LUBA remanded the City’s decision to reject the application (see LUBA No. 2002-131), meaning they returned it to the City to undertake the required land use application process for a CIR-CUP application. Following the remand, the applicant did not request that the City proceed with its review and decision on the application until recently, on May 11th, 2016.

As a result, under State statute the City has 120 days from the date of that request to process the application and reach a final local decision. The City’s review will be based exclusively on the applicable procedures and approval criteria that were in effect for CIR housing at the time the application was submitted in 2002 (see EC 9.696-9.724). The initial public hearing set for June 29th will be the first step in the City’s local decision-making process. Following the Hearings Official’s decision, the application may be appealed to the Eugene Planning Commission. Further information about the specific proposal and the public hearing process is provided below.

Applicant/Owner: Charles (Tim) Wiper, Phone: 541-345-8521

Applicant’s Representative: Carol Schirmer, Schirmer Satre Group, Phone: 541-686-4540

Location: The proposed CIR housing is located on the undeveloped southerly portion of the Rest Haven Memorial Park cemetery property (3900 Willamette Street), encompassing an area of approximately 15.8 acres.

Assessor’s Map/Tax Lot(s): 18-03-18-00/300

Lead City Staff: Gabe Flock, Senior Planner
Phone: 541-682-5697

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