Suzanne Arlie Park Connects Ridgeline Trail Between Mt. Baldy and I-5: Public Tour Saturday

Suzanne Arlie Park is the largest park in Eugene’s park system. It consists of 516 acres in southeast Eugene, just south of Lane Community College. Purchased in two separate transactions, 200 acres in 2008 and another 315 acres in 2011, the park has made possible a key ridgeline trail connection between Mt. Baldy and I-5. Although a master plan was completed as a requirement of the purchase agreement for the initial 200 acres, the plan became outdated once the park more than doubled in size with the second acquisition. The time for public involvement in updating the plan to meet our needs is now.

Suzanne Arlie Park Draft Vision Statement
An expansive beautiful nature park where children, families, and adults enrich themselves through connections to our local natural environment. Through implementation of the Master Plan, the park will add over two-miles to the Ridgeline Trail plus a network of interconnected trail loops of varying lengths and difficulty to serve a variety of user groups. The park will serve as a major hub for compatible nature-based recreation and outdoor education. The park’s rich mosaic of prairie, wetland, savanna, and oak woodland habitats will be conserved, restored, and managed to benefit native plant and animal species. Views and vistas to the surrounding landscapes and native ecosystems will provide a rewarding experience for visitors, inspiring them with the unique beauty of the southern Willamette Valley.

A web survey will be open thru July 1, 2016 for public comment on this vision and intended uses for the community land. Should it be used for camping? Outdoor school? Community vineyard? Temporary or ephemeral art installations? Zipline course? Ethnobotanical garden? What possibilities are right for this beautiful park land?

Guided Site Tours Registration

A guided site tour of Suzanne Arlie Park was held on Saturday, May 21. Another will be held on June 11, 10am-12:30pm. Space is limited so please click this link and fill out the form.  Depending on interest, additional tours may be scheduled. (Site Tour Handout Map).

The photos below were taken on site by Bruce Newhouse.

More Information

Site history, background information are available at the links below and in the Powerpoint Presentation from the first meeting.

Please take the web survey! The survey will be open thru July 1, 2016