Mural at 26th & Olive: Neighborhood Matching Grant Project

muralAn intersection in South Eugene received a colorful transformation last weekend as a result of a unique collaboration that included connections to several areas of the organization. In an effort to build community, inspire neighborhood pride and increase safety around the intersection of Olive and 26th, volunteers sweated through record-breaking heat to complete a large mural in the middle of the intersection. Community members from the surrounding neighborhood spent much of the day painting the colorful design that was a result of input received at a series of meetings.

The mural represents the culmination of a collaboration between area neighbors and students in the University of Oregon’s “Real World Eugene” course in the fall of 2015. The project was the primary focus of a student project team that was creating a guidebook to “tactical urbanism,” a way to make small, often community-member led changes to the built environment that can build community and contribute to livability. City staff assisted with the class by serving as a resource to the project team. Fittingly, the students felt that the best way to learn about tactical urbanism was to implement an actual project, which provided a unique, hands-on learning opportunity.

Area neighbors applied for and were awarded a Neighborhood Matching Grant from the City to assist with the cost of materials. This was augmented by donations from local businesses. A crew from Public Works made a brief visit the day before to sweep the intersection and seal cracks. To learn more about the project or see additional photos, visit

Eugene Intersection Mural