Door to Door Scammer Alert

by Edward Goehring

WARNING! The door-to-door scammers currently operating in Eugene appear to have come up with a new creepy tactic for getting inside your home: “new-born care services”. Perhaps they are simply using birth announcements as a guide for where to try their scam.

This report from a neighbor in Friendly today:

“Stranger on porch claiming home visit for newborn care — Yesterday our babysitter reported that upon returning from a walk she found a young woman on our porch- about 5’6, dark brown hair, mid-20’s. The woman knew my baby’s name and said she was looking for the mother. She claimed to have talked to me, but did not know my name. She said she is doing an internship that provides instructions to new parents about newborn care. I have checked with local organizations and have not registered for anything like this- and any legit home visit worker would have called first or would at least know my name. Going to report to police as well.”

If you are contacted by these scammers (or by the door-to-door “magazine subscription” sellers) DO call EPD at (541) 682-5111 immediately; DO NOT answer their prying questions about your neighbors — the scammers use your answers to fool your neighbors into thinking you gave the scammers a referral to your neighbors).

Note from Steven Chambers Crime Prevention Specialist: I haven’t heard this one yet, but it doesn’t surprise me. Often times even “legitimate” sales folks will use whatever means they can to sell, giving you lines they think a person will bite on. Door to door sales people are required to carry ID, within the first few seconds explain who they are and why they are there, and leave immediately when asked. If they don’t comply to these rules, complaints can be made to the appropriate agencies. Generally speaking EPD does not need to be notified unless someone has been a victim of a crime. Please feel and pass on this information to your neighbors.

For more information, visit the Better Business Bureau.