Monday, June 20: Creating Green and Resilient Homes, Neighborhoods, Culture and Economy

This will be the final presentation of a four part series about reducing our eco footprints and taking care of more needs closer to home. Its about creating the real life models for a deep transition towards a culture and economy that fits within its economic and environmental means and brings out the best in human potential.

  • When: Monday, June 20; 7 PM
  • Where: River Road Annex, 1055 River Road. One block north and same side of the street as the [former] Good Will store.

Part One explained the many reasons for simplifying and downsizing how we live. Trends in economics, the environment, social, natural resources, climate change and more

Part Two was a look at taking care of more basic needs from sources at home or nearby – water, food, energy. Rainwater catchment, solar design, edible landscaping, aesthetics, grass to garden, projects with neighbors

Part Three was an overview of properties, networks and culture in the River Road Neighborhood that provide an early look at greening the neighborhood – mutual assistance, shared celebrations, education and outreach, fences down

Part Four on June 20 will describe taking these timely ideas and real life models to a wider audience. A look at “allies and assets,” these are existing city programs, non profits, communities of faith, neighborhood associations, schools, business, social activation. They are all allies and potential partners in common cause for creating resilient homes, neighborhoods, economy and culture.

The presentation will include a slide show and explain how city programs like Neighborhood Watch, Map Your Neighborhood, CERT, Park Stewards and the city’s neighborhood program can be powerful tools for greening the community. Also a look at social activation – green bike tours, place making and work parties, The goal of all these actions is to transition towards a far more green, resilient and healthy culture and economy.

Jan Spencer will make the presentation. Jan has been transforming his 1/4 acre suburban property for 16 years. He has presented about land use, economics and culture from Okonagan and Coos Bay to MIT and Yale. For more information, visit

Key words – positive human potential, permaculture, neighborhoods, allies and assets, multiple benefits