NLC Featured Presentation: Cell Tower Siting

Neighborhood Leaders Council

Nick Gioello/Planning Dept and William Collinge/Collinge & Assoc. will join us for the next Neighborhood Leaders Council meeting June 28, 2016 at 7:00pm in the Sloat Room in the Atrium Building. Some of the questions we will explore include:

  • What does the code for cell tower siting allow, including any areas of flexibility in the code
  • FCC limitations on city code
  • How Planning manages cell tower applications, including those where neighborhood associations or community members have had influence on siting, design, screening, etc.
  • Any trends in other jurisdictions around cell tower siting regulations
  • Public health concerns and how they relate to siting considerations.



The Eugene Neighborhood Leaders Council (NLC) meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month in the Sloat Room, on the ground floor of the Atrium Building, at 10th and Olive in downtown Eugene. We do not meet in August or December.

Each meeting opens with an…

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