Lane County Seeking Applicants: Equity and Access Board

Approvedlogo_midsizeThe mission of the Equity and Access Advisory Board (“Advisory Board”) is to guide and advise the County Administrator on policies and practices surrounding equity, inclusion and access in both internal and external matters. The Advisory Board will work towards ensuring that:

  • All meetings, minutes and documents of the Advisory Board subject to the requirements of Oregon public meetings and public records law will be made accessible to the public;
  • All County services and programs are provided equitably, and that access to those services and program resources are responsive to and inclusive of the diverse needs of the communities served;
  • Recruitment, retention and advancement practices of the County are equitable and inclusive;
  • County staff has the ability and opportunity to communicate equity issues to management in a safe environment;
  • Performance of the County as an organization will be continuously assessed through the adoption and implementation of an equity and access tool; and
  • Providing quality services to rural and geographically remote areas will be a priority.

Membership Qualifications

The Advisory Board is interested in having diverse representation that includes people of different racial and/or ethnic backgrounds, identities, abilities, and perspectives who:

  • Bring a connection to, relationship with and advocacy for specific communities;
  • Have a professional background, community leadership, or other relevant experience in equity issues;
  • Know how to impact institutional change in the areas of equity, diversity, and inclusion;
  • Have experience across multiple dimensions of diversity.

Applications accepted now through June 30, 2016 at 5:00 PM.