Building Connections

The community had some amazing ideas for building connections at the November 2015 Neighborhood Meeting. Summer is a great time revisit them. Which are some we can do together this summer?

Becoming More Welcoming

  • Neighborhood newcomer welcome meetings
  • Neighborhood welcome packet is sent to new EWEB customers establishing accounts in Southeast Neighbors area or based on USPS new postal customer address change forms.
  • Can get new address changes from the post office or EWEB to get notification of new arrivals to the neighborhood?
  • Quarterly meet-ups for new SEN neighbors to get introduced to the neighborhood.
  • Facebook groups for immediate neighbors in 3-4 block radius.
  • Summer potlucks/ welcome students to the neighborhood Fall event (perhaps combined with the SEN Fall picnic at Tugman Park).

Create More Way for Newcomers to Connect

  • Sponsor a clothes exchange.
  • Build connections and partnerships with the University of Oregon and Lane Community College, and their respective student bodies.
  • Work parties at neighborhood parks, with signs posted throughout the neighborhood.
  • A SEN neighborhood 5K run along the Amazon trail to meet up with neighbors and U/O students.
  • More community service events for students: Sororities and fraternities have volunteer / community service requirements for their members.
  • Communicate directly with immediate neighbors about concerns, such as noise, parking, public safety, etc.
  • Neighborhood garage sales or free swaps/ clothes exchanges.
  • Neighborhood parties and ice cream socials.
  • Involve local businesses, e.g. Tsunami Books or grocery stores, in organizing neighborhood events.
  • Front yard or block parties:
  • Hold a bunch of block parties around the neighborhoods on the same weekend.
  • Apply for street vacation permit(s) from the City to block selected streets for neighborhood parties.
  • Meet neighbors while walking the dog.

Create physical spaces in the neighborhood that facilitate human interaction, e.g. front yard benches, gazebos, etc.

  • Build new features in neighborhood parks to facilitate people spending more time socializing with neighbors (e.g. canopies, benches and tables, etc.).
  • Work with the City and a private vendor to establish a walk-up coffee kiosk at Tugman Park.
  • A neighborhood art project(s) for kids and parents (e.g. paint fire hydrants or sidewalks).
  • Create new neighborhood orchards or community gardens.

Contact us to help move these ideas to reality.