Neighborhood-Applicant Meeting Notice: Conditional Use Permit for Rest-Haven Memorial Park July 13

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A neighborhood/applicant meeting is an opportunity for an applicant to meet with surrounding property owners to discuss a development or land division proposal prior to submitting a formal application. The purpose and benefits of this meeting are two-fold:

  1. Surrounding property owners and residents and other interested people have the opportunity to learn about a proposal before it is submitted; and
  2. The applicant has the chance to hear local concerns and address them (if possible) prior to submittal.

A neighborhood/applicant meeting is meant to provide the applicant the opportunity to be responsive to neighborhood concerns early in the process when alterations to the proposal are easier to make. Neighbors benefit from the meeting by having an opportunity to ask questions and provide comments and feedback to the applicant about the proposed development or land division. This process should aid in reducing appeals, expediting the land use process, and reducing the costs to the applicant and the City in the long run.

A neighborhood/applicant meeting is required to be held prior to submittal of the following land use application types:
1. Type II: 3-lot partitions, tentative subdivisions, tentative cluster subdivisions and design reviews;
2. Type III: Only conditional use permits and tentative planned unit developments;
3. Type IV applications that are not city-initiated;
4. Metro Plan amendments that are not city-initiated.
See Section 9.7007 of the Eugene Code for specific code language on this process. Contact the Planner on Duty at 541-682-5377 to confirm if the proposal requires a meeting.

The neighborhood/applicant meeting primarily occurs between the land use applicant and surrounding property owners and residents within 300-feet to 500-feet (depending on the type of development) of the subject property. The recognized neighborhood association where the property is located may also be involved in setting up the meeting and may be a resource for neighbors to learn more about the land use process. People who see a sign on the property announcing the meeting may also attend. Because the meeting occurs before formal land use application submittal, the City of Eugene has no key role in the meeting.

An applicant will contact the appropriate recognized neighborhood association by certified or registered mail proposing three possible date and times for the meeting. If the neighborhood association does not respond within fourteen (14) days, the applicant may set up the Neighborhood/Applicant Meeting Process meeting for any of the three proposed dates and times. The meeting must be held at a location within the city that is in, or as close as practicable to, the boundaries of the city-recognized neighborhood association, if any.

The applicant may want to post a sign at the building entry where the neighborhood/applicant meeting is held announcing the meeting. At the meeting, the applicant must provide a copy of the proposed site plan for review. The applicant will also need to provide a sign-in sheet for attendees to write their names and addresses.
When the meeting starts, the applicant should describe the major elements of the proposal – number of lots, proposed land uses, densities, building heights, etc. The applicant may consider bringing extra copies of what was mailed and larger format drawings for the benefit of the conversation. Meeting notes must be prepared and kept by the applicant, identifying the major points that were discussed.

The applicant has the opportunity to modify the proposal to address concerns or issues raised at the neighborhood/applicant meeting prior to submittal of the formal land use application to the city. The applicant has 180 days after the neighborhood/applicant meeting to submit the application. If the applicant does not submit the application in this time frame, they will be required to hold a new neighborhood/applicant meeting. Also, if the proposal changes in such a way that the site plan to be submitted to the city does not substantially conform to the site plan provided at the meeting, a new neighborhood/applicant meeting will be required.

If a property owner or occupant of property within 300 feet or 500-feet of the property is unable to attend the neighborhood/applicant meeting, they will still be able to submit public comments to the city during the 14-day comment period that occurs after the application is submitted and accepted as a complete application by the City of Eugene. Neighbors are also encouraged to contact the applicant directly at the phone number given in the notice informing them of the meeting.

Specific items from the neighborhood/applicant meeting process need to be submitted to the city as part of the formal land use application, including copies of the following:

  • The meeting notice and the mailing list used to send out the meeting notice
  • A signed statement that notice was posted and mailed to those on the mailing list
  • Meeting notes and attendee sign-in sheet
  • The site plan presented at the meeting

For more information, visit or contact the Planner-on Duty at 541-682-5377.

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