Southeast Neighbors Board Meeting Minutes June 14, 2016

  1. Update on Efforts to Reduce Homelessness.   Board discussed upcoming CSEN meeting on homelessness; also reviewed need for sites/space in southeast for campers; discussed Lane County homeless count conducted earlier in 2016.
  2. Land Use.
    • SW-SAZ.  Board discussed current status of SW-SAZ process.  Board agreed unanimously that Neighborhood Refinement Plan should be developed. (See Westside Neighborhood Plan as example)
    • Cathedral Park.  Reviewed proposed low income housing development (near 3900 Willamette Street, Rest Haven Cemetery).  Originally planned in 2002, owner wants land use approval; City meetings planned June 29 and July 13 to review land use change requests; some possibility 2002 rules will govern development; Board agreed current development standards should apply; neighbor expressed concern about bus stop location. Motion passed (8-0) to “support recommendation to City Planning Commission to maintain current land use standards and zoning requirements”.
    • Emerald Valley Assisted Living Facility is adding approximately 12 units; timing not clear; no concerns expressed.
  3. Disaster Planning.  Heather reviewed current status; final drafts of Disaster Plan and Training Plan were passed around and are available for review (Heather); several meetings planned in neighborhood in next few months; first groups will be pilots; want to develop command structure and identify leaders over next few years.
  4. CSEN Appointment.  Len Epstein has resigned as one of 3 SEN representatives to CSEN (Heather Sielicki and Leelan Swanson remain); Board approved David Monk as replacement with Emily Fox and Deborah Noble as alternates.
  5. 2016 Picnic.  2016 Picnic scheduled for Saturday, September 10 from 11-3 (current proposed time, will be reviewed)
    • Initial assignments included:  Raffle (Len Epstein, Deborah Noble); Food Carts and Beer( Jenny Oberst Lupton); Music (Emily Fox); Logistics (Jenny and David Monk)
    • Open discussion/questions included 1) should we have a fee for tables?; 2) suggestions for music should be sent to Emily Fox; 3) Steve from Good Samaritan could provide table and chairs; 4) we should send special invitations (i.e., Lucy Vinis, Betty Taylor, etc); 5) should we have a theme for the event?
    • Agreed we should have a special planning meeting sometime in July.
    • Heather will send a master signup sheet out. Link at
  6. Parks Discussion.
    • Tugman.  Len Epstein has scheduled a Tugman work party for July 14 from 4 – 7 pm. Discussion on pesticides and potential for pesticide free parks followed.  Ken Beeson agreed to plan session for the August general meeting on city pesticide policies and practices with respect to parks; he will schedule someone from city parks; he will send draft outline for session to Len and Heather for review.
    • Arlie Master Plan.  Heather said she had attended the recent tour of the new Arlie Park land near LCC
    • Budget Review. Ken reviewed the FY17 budget (approved by Board in April) and the current SEN finances.  Board agreed to review proposed budget again once we knew amount of final City allocation for FY17.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.

  • Board Members Present:  Heather Sielicki (Pres),  Ken Beeson (Treas), Len Epstein, Jenny Oberst Lupton, Emily Fox, Deborah Noble,  Dennis Hebert, David Monk
  • Board Members Absent:  Lealan Swanson (Vice Pres), Duncan Rhodes (Sec)
  • Neighbors Present:  2 neighbors present