Envision Eugene Urban Growth Boundary and Multifamily Options

Envision Eugene Infographic on Housing Need

Envision Eugene Infographic on Housing Need

source: Envision Eugene Newsletter

At the July 20, 2016 City Council work session, staff will provide an update on the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) adoption process and information on potential ways to accommodate the city’s 20 year need for multi-family housing within our existing urban growth boundary. Thanks to over five years of input from Eugene’s residents, robust technical analysis, and Council direction, we’ve found that we have land across Eugene to do most of this. We just need to find space for about 1,600 homes.

Much of the high density housing need, about 1,000 homes, can be met by using tools the City Council has already put in place, with a focus on the downtown area. The key decision before the City Council relates to medium density housing like smaller apartments, duplexes and some single-family. About 600 medium density homes over 20 years, or about 30 homes per year across the whole city, still need to be accommodated.

The Council will receive an overview of the options for accommodating Eugene’s multi-family housing need and discuss which options to further study. The options selected by Council will be taken out to the community over the summer and fall to get feedback from the public.

The Council work session will take place at 12:00pm in Harris Hall, at 125 E. 8th Avenue. You can watch it live or archived online. The Council agenda and meeting materials will be available online starting July 15. For more information, please download the City Council Memo on the Envision Eugene Urban Growth Boundary and Multifamily Options (pdf).

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