Meeting Minutes: Rest-Haven Memorial Park Neighborhood-Applicant Meeting 7-13-16

Submitted by Lealan Swanson

On Wednesday, July 13th, a meeting at Rest-Haven Memorial Park Chapel was held to clarify owner Charles Wiper’s intention to submit a Conditional Use Plan (CUP) to the City of Eugene.  Instead of the entire seventy-six acres, this CUP application would cover only approximately twenty-eight acres of the total property.  Mr. Wiper explained that this application delineates the existing cemetery and additional plots for future use.  Division of the property and designation of about twenty-eight acres will limit the growth of the memorial park.  A small map of the proposed area was presented.  Discussion and questions were held to this topic for the first hour. 

Most of the forty-five to fifty property owners and residents in attendance, however, were more interested in Mr. Wiper’s plans for his remaining property.  Apparently, as reported in the Register Guard on July 11 (pages A3-4),  Mr. Wiper and his Representative, Carol Schirmer of Schirmer-Satre Group, were to speak about the planned low-income housing development.  Charles Wiper has not changed his original intentions. 

During the second hour of Wednesday’s meeting, Mr. Wiper stated that his aim was to resurrect the original plan submitted to the City in 2002-2003, which accounts for approximately fifteen acres.  Mr. Wiper also stated that he had been approached by St. Vincent DePaul, Cascade-Pacific Group and others.  He did not discuss his goals for the remaining thirty-three acres.  Persons interested in plans for Mr. Wiper’s Rest-Haven property and its development were referred to contact Schirmer-Satre either by calling (541) 688-4540×1 or via email:        

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