Pets in Vehicles Heat Advisory

The Eugene Police Department is advising community members to not leave their pets unattended in a vehicle. With temperatures expected to remain above 80 degrees and warmer during the day, animals in cars are at risk of experiencing heatstroke, which can be deadly in a short amount of time.

Eugene Police and Animal Welfare Officers responded to 25 calls for animals in hot cars over the weekend from July 23 through Monday, July 25. Two dogs were removed from a vehicle and more owners were cited for animal neglect in the second degree.

Imagine not being able to shed your winter clothes on a hot summer day and your only way to cool off was panting. Excessive panting and indications of discomfort are signs of heatstroke. Cracked windows or parking in the shade do not offer enough protection on hot days. We ask that you leave your animals at home where it is cool and where they have access to water. If you believe your animal is experiencing heatstroke contact your veterinarian immediately.