Children’s Clothing Resale Shops Expands to Third Location in South Eugene

By Angelica Lei Lani Aug. 8, 2016

EUGENE, Ore. – In an economy that is often up and down in retail sales, a local business is booming and is on the verge of opening up its third location in Eugene.

The owner of My Little Children, Alice Harless, said in her 13 years of business she has successfully opened two stores in Eugene.

Harless said her customers have been pushing her to open up another high-end quality children’s resale store. She has even had requests to expand to Portland.

Harless is preparing to open up a third location on Willamette between 28th and 29th Street, near Market of Choice.

She said she is able to open up this third location because the resale business is thriving.

The National Association of Resale and Thrift Shops said the resale industry has become a multi-billion dollar a year market with new stores opening yearly.

There are more than 25,000 resale, consignment and not for profit resale shops in the U.S. and that Goodwill has made more than $5 billion in retail sales in the past two years.

“We’re not bothered by if the economy is going to go up or down, we’re gauged on how well we’re doing, and what the need is,” said Harless. “We need to be in South Eugene, so that’s where we’re excited to be.”

She said with children growing so fast, these types of stores help parents save a little extra by still getting quality clothes and other accessories.

Harless said she is hoping that the new My Little Children’s store in South Eugene will be open by September 1.

She said it will act much like her other stores with new and used items. She said they will work with mothers who want to sell their children’s gently used items.