Neighborhood Watch: Crime Prevention Tips from Eugene Police

neighborhood-watchfrom the Eugene Police Department

Within Eugene, 145 groups of residents have enhanced their sense of neighborliness by forming Neighborhood Watch groups, not just for mutual protection but to enhance a sense of community. If you would like help getting organized with your neighbors, the process is simple:

1. Check with neighbors who you would like to connect with, within a couple blocks of your home in all directions, and ask them if they’d like to form a watch group. If there is enough interest set up a time to get together.

2. If you’d like our help, contact us to coordinate the date and we will provide a facilitator to run the meeting and provide organizational assistance.

More Details about Neighborhood Watch:

1. Mutual Support

Neighborhood Watch helps neighbors meet each other and commit to providing a mutual safety net. Neighbors agree to check on each other if there is reason for concern, and create a telephone tree and map so that members can reach each other quickly. If your neighbor can reach you at home, at work or on vacation out of town, they can better protect your interests.

2. Target Hardening

Make it hard for the bad guys to get your stuff. Adequately locking up cars and houses significantly reduces the likelihood of burglary or theft. A police representative can cover the basics at your neighborhood watch meeting. In addition, free home security inspections are available within the city limits by calling (541) 682-5137.

3. Property Marking

Marking your property with your Oregon driver’s license or State ID number makes your property harder to fence, less attractive to steal and easier to recover. Use the format: OR123456DL or OR123456ID. Take pictures of all your valuables, and write down their serial numbers. Especially for laptops or other internet-accessible devices, install tracking software or turn on tracking features.

For more information: visit our website,, or call (541) 682-5137.