August 2016 Meeting Minutes (draft)

Southeast Neighbors General Meeting Minutes                    Date:  8/9/16

  • Board Members Present: Heather Sielicki (Pres), Lealan Swanson (VP), Ken Beeson (Treas.), Duncan Rhodes (Sec.), Len Epstein, Dennis Hebert, David Monk, Deborah Noble, Jenny Oberst Lupton
  • Board Members Absent: Emily Fox
  • Neighbors Present:  Betty Taylor, Ed Moye, David Gerber, Elaine Herbriar(?)


  • Resthaven – Jenny
    • The hearing official has given conditional approval for this project, using the original rules. The applicant can apply to change the zoning, this will need another approval.
  • Vulnerable Population Working Group – Heather
  • Envision Eugene – Duncan
    • City Council has decided to establish the Urban Growth Boundary with no expansion for housing at this time. Population growth is expected to be an additional 34,000 people by 2032. Most future housing can fit on land that is within the UGB. However, we still need to find space for about 1,600 multi-family homes. The City is asking for feedback on options on how to meet projected multi-family housing needs over the next 20 years. City Council will decide which strategies to adopt in the fall and public feedback will help inform the Council’s decision. The City Council specifically asked for input on a handful of the possible options, including the strategy to increase housing densities along our key transportation corridors and core commercial areas.
    • Envision Eugene is soliciting public comment on how Eugene should accommodate this future growth at and at various Eugene events, including the SEN picnic. To subscribe to the Envision Eugene newsletter, email
    • Terri Harding, AIC principal planner, will address the community concerning residential housing planning for the neighborhood next Tuesday, August 16 from 7:00 to 9:00 PM at Good Samaritan.
    • Mayor Kitty Piercy is asking for public input about the engagement processes related to the South Willamette Special Area Zone and about future City engagement in neighborhoods at a public forum on Monday, September 19, 2016 at 6:00 PM in the South Eugene High School cafeteria. Commenter sign in is open from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM. Each commenter will get three minutes to share their comments.
  • Cell Towers – Dennis
    • Cell Tower Ad Hoc Committee formed, it appears the best course of action is to wait for the public comment period to suggest additions or revisions to any code modifications concerning cell towers. The code modification suggestions are pretty comprehensive, but could used to be tightened up a bit. Once we get a look we can move on drafting and voting on a letter.
  • Picnic – Heather
    • Heather updated us on the 9/10 Picnic.
  • Logo Contest – Lealan
    • We have received only one logo entry to date. It was decided that we should extend the contest.
  • Move General Meetings – We will investigate moving the General Meeting venue to another, quieter location. Jenny will contact Spencer Butte Middle School, Duncan will contact Hilyard Center. Heather will contact Church of the Resurrection. Future GM dates are 11/8/16, 2/14/17, & 5/9/17.