Strengthen Community Connections with Kindista

by Benjamin Crandall is a local resource sharing network where everything is free and the currency is gratitude. Kindista builds stronger communities. It’s a way to get to know our neighbors. And it reduces our environmental impact; every physical resource we share is a resource that isn’t mined, refined, manufactured, transported, and disposed of.

Most of us have items in our attics, sheds, and garages that would help others if we shared them. And we all have expertise and abilities that could improve the lives of those around us. Let’s face it, life is just easier when we all share our abundance and help each other out.

The United States has five times more empty houses than homeless people. And globally, we waste four times more food than it would take to end world hunger. We do not have any real scarcity. We just need to do a better job sharing. Kindista can help.

Features include:

  • Personalized bulletin board highlighting offers, requests, and gratitude posted by people you know and those nearby
  • Facebook integration to share resources with your Facebook friends and help grow the culture of sharing in your life
  • Reputation system to facilitate sharing with people you don’t already know
  • Group accounts to support sharing within and between community organizations, faith communities, and other local groups
  • Event calendar featuring free local activities
  • Works great on mobile devices

Kindista is a project of Eugene based non-profit, CommonGoods Network. Launched in 2012, Kindista now has over 1100 Eugene members.


Be one of the first to join the Southeast Neighbors Group to help get it started in our neighborhood.