Flood Inundation Map and Survey Request

In 2014, the US Army Corps of Engineers and Lane County’s Emergency Manager hosted a viewing of dam inundation maps. One of the maps has finally been released for distribution. It shows everywhere in Lane County that water could flow in a worst case scenario regardless of cause, including catastrophic dam failure. Most of our neighborhood is out of the Worst Case Flood Inundation Area but neighbors along the Amazon Creek will need to take caution.

Southeast Neighbors will incorporate this information into the neighborhood disaster plan and block captain training program.

Help Prioritize Hazard Mitigation Projects

Help Lane County with hazard mitigation planning by taking an easy 5-minute survey. Hazard mitigation planning helps to identify risks and vulnerabilities associated with natural disasters, and develop long-term strategies for protecting people and property from future hazard events. The graphic below illustrates the core steps in completing a hazard mitigation plan. Your input will play a key part.

 Implement Plan and Monitor Progress.

First take the survey yourself and then forward the link to all your family, friends and social networks with encouragement to participate. The goal of the campaign is to achieve diversity in participation to ensure we represent the whole community in our Plan.

Take the survey at https://lanemitigation.metroquest.com/