South Willamette Next Steps

by Terri Harding

Greetings South Willamette interested parties,

The Eugene City Council passed a motion on October 10th concerning next steps for planning in the area.

MOTION AND VOTE: Councilor Brown, seconded by Councilor Clark, moved that the City Manager is directed to prepare, in consultation with the appropriate City staff and the elected boards of the four City-chartered south Eugene neighbors – Friendly Area Neighbors (FAN), Southwest Hills Neighborhood Association (SHINA), Southeast Neighbors (SEN) and Amazon Neighborhood Association (Amazon) – a proposal for a planning process that is based on the South Willamette Street Initiative (Attachment A of September 26, 2016, work session AIS).

The City Manager’s proposal shall embody the basic structure and elements of the South Willamette Initiative; however, the proposal may make limited adjustments to the geographic boundaries, the composition of the planning team and other details. The proposal may also include recommendations for additional guidelines for the refinement plan process to be established by City Council.

A check-in with Council on the status and progress of the draft proposal no later than November 7, 2016.

A final draft proposal shall be presented for Council and public review no later than December 1, 2016.

Council’s initial discussion and further direction to the City Manager on the proposal shall be scheduled for the December 14, 2016, Council work session.

Council’s deliberation and action on the proposal shall be scheduled as soon as practicable following swearing in of the new Council in 2017.

PASSED 7:1, Councilor Syrett opposed.


The next scheduled meeting is a December 14th Council work session, with a draft proposal for next steps to be sent to Council and the public by December 1st. Staff will also provide a progress update to the Council and community by November 7th.

We have also posted the public comments related to planning in the area that were received by the Planning Division between June 2015 and September 2016. Correspondence that was sent directly to City Council without copying planning staff may be missing. If you don’t see your comments compiled here, please let us know!

Thank you,
Terri Harding
Principal Planner/Metro & Community Planning
Eugene Planning Division