Southeast Neighbors Board Minutes 10/11/16

by Duncan Rhodes, SEN Secretary
revised 10/15/17

Board Members Present: Heather Sielicki (Pres), Lealan Swanson (VP), Ken Beeson (Treas.), Duncan Rhodes (Sec.), Len Epstein, David Monk, Deborah Noble

Board Members Absent: Dennis Hebert, Emily Fox, Jenny Oberst Lupton

Neighbors Present:  Betty Taylor (Eugene City Councillor), Dennis Cosady, Hope Marsten. Jack Marietta, James Brock, Janet Hougardy, Gregory Breeback, Leslie Maguire, Maggie Donahue, Mark Cohen, Marty Wilde, Matt Peterson, Seth Sudofsky, William Collinge? (a total of 24 neighbors & visitors – only 16 signed in)

Guests:  Allison Coughlin (Coughlin family), John Rowell (Rowell Brokaw Architects), Jon Lauch (Project Manager for Amazon Corner LLC)


Project at the former South Hills Assemblies of God Church at 32nd & Hilyard

  • Jon Lauch discussed the project at the former South Hills Assemblies of God location. This property was bought by Mike Coughlin. The Coughlin family plans to hold this as a long-term investment.
  • They have started demolition, and plan to build a mixed-use retail and residential facility – ground-level retail with residential living on the upper floors in an L-shaped configuration along Hilyard Street and 32nd Avenue, to maximize available views and enhance the feel and attractiveness of the project. The interior of the site will be developed with landscaping and surface parking.  They will create convenient pedestrian and bike access and outdoor areas for dining and socializing.  They desire a food & beverage anchor tenant, and perhaps an office, and a gym on the ground level, which will be approximately 14’ high, 18,000-20,000 ft². They plan an additional three 10’ floors above that for residents, some rooms will have balconies. They estimate that there will be about 80-100 residential apartments, 25% two-bedroom, plus one bedroom, studio, and micro-studio apartments as well.  Rents are planned to be about $1.75 per square foot monthly. Overall building height will be about 44’, plus parapet, with low-profile mechanical equipment on top. They contemplate 60 underground parking spaces for residents, and 90 above-ground parking spots for residents, visitors, and commercial establishment patrons. The basement will also have secure bike parking facilities, and a bicycle repair and wash station.
  • The property is zoned C-2, Community-Commercial. There will be public plans available by the end of this year. Permitting will start by the end of January 2017, construction starts in May 2017, with completion by summer 2018. A traffic study is being prepared, and they will consult with the city to mitigate potential traffic issues. The bus stop along Hilyard will need to be moved during construction.  Essex Construction will be the general contractor.

SEN General Meeting, Thursday, November 10, 2016

  • Ken Beeson discussed the agenda, which will include:
    • 6:30 – Refreshments / Social
    • 7:00 – Call to Order
    • 7:05 – Public Forum
    • 7:15 – LRAPA presentation on Southeast Eugene air-quality issues.
    • 7:45 – A City Parks presentation on Park management and practices by Lorna Baldwin. A nomination is planned to make Milton Park pesticide-free.
    • 8:15 – Neighborhood update on safety, land-use issues, finances, & opportunities
    • 8:20 – Neighborhood update
  • We will send out a postcard advertising this meeting


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  1. Thanks, Duncan, for excellent notes. I would leave out the “with sampling data” in describing the LRAPA talk. (The focus will be on wood smoke which is the biggest problem in our neighborhood.) The presenter will be able to address sampling questions and has been informed about interest in the Amazon Park readings and benzene level.

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