Suzanne Arlie Master Planning Process on hold until Spring 2017

Development of the Master Plan for Suzanne Arlie Park has been put on hold until next spring due to limited staff resources and the higher priority need for the POS Division to complete our new Parks and Recreation System Plan.

However, a great deal of the planning work has been completed, including the first round of public surveys and feedback, habitat inventory and assessment, and extensive site mapping, analysis and evaluation.

Additionally on the ground, removal of invasive and overly dense vegetation, such as blackberry brambles and scotch broom, has significantly reduced the wildfire threat to the park. This fuels reduction work, funded by a large grant from the Bureau of Land Management, has had the added benefit of allowing access into portions of the site that were previously unreachable.

The original project schedule called for the second public meeting to be held in fall 2016 followed by plan adoption by the end of the year. The new schedule is to pick up the project again following substantial completion of the System Plan, which will most likely be during the spring of 2017. Considering all the work that has been done to date, when the Suzanne Arlie master plan work is picked up again in 2017, it should proceed relatively rapidly towards completion and then adoption.


Suzanne Arlie Park – Aerial Context Perspective
Suzanne Arlie Park – Site Context Map (4MB)
Suzanne Arlie Park – Existing Conditions Map (8MP)
Suzanne Arlie Park – Background and Preliminary Site Overview (8MB)
Historical Aerial Photo Sequence (5MB)
General Land Office Historical Survey Maps (8 MB)