Your Money, Your City: Where property tax dollars go

from the League of Oregon Cities Bulletin

LOC Produces New Resource on Property Taxes
At this time of year, as property tax bills land in mailboxes across the state, questions arise about how property taxes are spent. For the past couple of years, the League has produced a resource to help answer those questions. This resource—originally titled “Where The Money Goes” and most recently titled “Your Money, Your City”—has changed over the years to meet demand. The 2016 Your Money, Your City report continues that evolution. This year’s report is significantly streamlined and tailored for use by LOC members in answering general questions about how property taxes are spent statewide and across cities.


The four page report includes:

  • A brief overview of Oregon’s property tax system;
  • A summary of property tax distribution among governmental entities;
  • A summary of the importance of property taxes to cities;
  • A summary of how Oregon cities use property taxes; and
  • Information on how to learn more about an individual city’s expenditures.

This new and improved 2016 Your Money, Your City report will offer cities new insights and information for use in answering questions about how cities across the state use property taxes.