Vulnerable Populations Working Group Meeting: Monday, November 28

The working group will meet this month on Monday, November 28 from 7pm to 8:30pm at the Hilyard Community Center. In addition to the topics below, we will discuss what the new direction from City Council to expand rest stops means for our wards.

Council of South Eugene Neighborhoods

Recognizing the homelessness crisis and the unlikeliness that the funding and implementation required for publicly funded shelter beds will come together before the rainy, winter months, the Council of South Eugene Neighborhoods (Friendly Area Neighbors, Southwest Hills Neighborhood Association, Southeast Neighbors, and Amazon Neighbors) joined with Fairmount Neighbors, have set a goal for the Vulnerable Populations Working Group to secure safe, emergency shelter for 30 people (including but not limited to parking or camping sites) in our neighborhoods by the start of winter.

Two projects have emerged since the working group first met in June 2016.

  1. St. Vinnie’s Youth House
    Working group members spotted a church for sale at 3350 Willamette St. and recognized the great potential for shelter solutions. They met with realtors, City of Eugene Community Development Staff, and St. Vincent de Paul and helped to coordinate community support around a project for homeless teens in high school.In October, St. Vinnie’s…

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