Recycle Campaign Signs at the Glenwood Transfer Station

Campaign signs made with the common, corrugated signboard material can be recycled for free at the Glenwood Transfer Station (3100 E. 17th Avenue). A collection bin has been set up in the free recycle area of the transfer station.

All staples, tape, metal or wood must be removed. There are also free recycling options for signs that use a paper or a plastic sleeve over a wire rack. The wire goes in the scrap metal bin, paper in the mixed paper bin and plastic in the plastic bags bin. Do not put other forms of signboard in a bin without ensuring it is recyclable.

Historically, plastic signs have been collected only during post-election periods, but the use of corrugated plastic has increased. The material from those signs is highly recyclable and collections have been extended year-round. The material will be recycled through a local company that recycles a wide variety of plastics that are not recyclable through the standard curbside or transfer station programs.

The Lane County Waste Management Glenwood Central Receiving Station, located at 3100 E. 17th Ave. in Glenwood area, is the only Lane County transfer station offering this recycling option.

“We have been getting a steady supply of this recyclable plastic but nowhere near what’s out there,” said Sarah Grimm, Lane County waste reduction specialist. “Folks are reusing them for projects and a few clever campaign offices are even collecting them from supporters to reuse for future campaigns. We applaud their reuse – it’s very resource efficient – and are glad to provide an opportunity to recycle those that cannot be reused.”

For information about recycling these or any other items, visit or contact Lane County Waste Reduction Specialist Sarah Grimm at 541-682-4339 and