Report Hate Activity

One of our neighbors spotted a swastika on a Donald Trump sign by Lane Community College. Because of her reporting and advocacy, it was removed.

Use your eyes and ears to make sure hate doesn’t take hold in our communities. Report hate activity.

Call the Human Rights and Neighborhood Involvement Office, 541-682-5177, via online form or by email

If you witness a hate crime taking place, call 9-1- 1 and yell, “I’m calling 9-1- 1.” Get license number, location, and physical descriptions.

  • Eugene Police – 541-682-5111
  • Springfield Police – 541-726-3714
  • Sheriff – 541-682-4150

The Southern Poverty Law Center is also collecting data on hate crimes. Given the climate across the country and the inconsistencies with which hate crimes are addressed & tracked by local law enforcement, it is imperative that this information is amassed by an organization beyond law enforcement. If you or someone you know experiences a hate crime, please report it to Southern Poverty Law Center as well as your local officials.

Additional Resources in the Community

  • Anti-Hate Task Force
    Stop Hate Campaign

    Ph: 541-607-8077
  • Community Alliance of Lane County
    Back to Back Allies for Human Dignity 
  • Department of Justice
    Community Relations Service
    Regional Headquarters
    Ph: 206-220-6700