A Reminder to Eliminate Distracted Driving this Holiday Season

from InMotion

As the holiday season reaches full swing, it’s more important than ever to eliminate distracted driving. The days grow shorter and many of us may arrive and depart the workplace without any hint of daylight. Dark, rainy weather can cause windshield glare and decrease visibility substantially for people driving cars. Bike lanes may be covered with ice or debris requiring people on bikes to avoid obstructions. Distracted driving only adds to the risks of using the road. Remember to use common sense and eliminate poor driving habits by:

-Leaving cell phones off, in a bag or with a passenger while behind the wheel
-Asking passengers to adjust radio stations or musical preferences
-Program GPS or phone directions before traveling by car
-Eat before or after you get behind the wheel

Use these tips to increase safety during rain, fog or times of low visibility:

-Use low beams. High beams will disperse in thick fog or snow, making visibility worse for you and other drivers.
-Make sure defroster is working properly. This will greatly improve visibility during rainy car trips.
-Turn on headlights to improve visibility, even during the day.
-Replace windshield wipers regularly to prevent situations of low visibility in heavy rain.

Keep those trips to see family, pick up last minute holiday gifts, or trip to the snow park fun and exciting and stay focused when using the road in winter conditions. For more info on all things transportation, check out this great page of winter driving resources from ODOT by clicking Here.