Southeast Neighbors Board Minutes 12/13/16

Board Members Present: Heather Sielicki (Pres), Lealan Swanson (VP), Ken Beeson (Treas.), Duncan Rhodes (Sec.), Len Epstein, David Monk, Deborah Noble, Dennis Hebert, Emily Fox

Board Members Absent: Jenny Oberst Lupton

Neighbors Present:  Dennis Cassidy, Eben Fodor, Janet Bevirt

Guests:  Eric Brown, Rene Kane, Terri Harding


  • David Monk reprised topics discussed at CSEN meeting on the S. Willamette Project 
  • There will be 6-8 voting members, including commercial property & business owners, for the S. Willamette Project working group, all drawn from within Friendly NA, plus non-voting City Council councilors from Wards 1 & 2, plus one non-voting representative each from SEN, ShiNA, & Amazon NA. Meetings will be open to the public.  Timeline TBD.
  • Janet Benitt said the SHiNA board wants to have the southern boundary to be 29th, not 32nd.
  • Terri Harding, Rene Kane, & Eric Brown – the Staff proposal on this is due 1/31 to City Council; City Council Working Group to meet 2/22. No budget has been allocated to staff to support this effort.
  • City Planners to be used as needed, but are not to interject as active participants unless requested.
  • SEN Board approved resolution that City Councilors be non-voting.
  • SEN Board approved resolution that SHiNA, Amazon, & SEN each have a voting member in the Working Group.
  • SEN opposes creation of a Triple-Bottom-Line Sounding Board.
  • SEN opposes any role for the Planning Commission.
  • SEN opposes any role for the City Council.
  • SEN supports alternative efficiency measures to support community investments rather than MUPTE.
  • SEN supports doing without any outside facilitator.
  • Deb Noble reported that the Resthaven request for a variance from the 2002 Code is being reviewed by LUBA. She will track this & update us.
  • Mike Coughlin developer dba Amazon Corner has submitted a request for a land use variance for the proposed development at 32nd & Hilyard, south of Albertson’s (the former S. Hills Assemblies of God location). The development is now 5-story rather than the 4-story presented to SEN at our 10/11/16 Board meeting.  Give feedback over the next two weeks to Erik Berg-Johansen, Assoc. Planner, City of Eugene, 541-682-5437,  Permit submission materials are located at
  • SEN recommends disapproval of any code variances until more information is provided
  • Don Methany, SEN CERT lead, has been recognized by Emergency Management for his neighborhood advocacy efforts
  • CSEN Vulnerable Population Working Group attempts to address the needs of about 125 families.
  • SEN Board approved CSEN representatives to be: Heather Sielicki, Lealan Swanson, & David Monk
  • SEN Board approved hosting a dusk-to-dawn warming center for families and requests that the City allocate sufficient resources to fund it.
  • SEN Board endorsed the NLC statement on diversity in all its forms, dated 11/22/2016.