Wendell Canyon Update

By Dennis Hebert

A meeting with the developer for Wendell Canyon was held at the Amazon Community Center on Dec. 20, 2016. Most of the SEN attendees live adjacent to the project. Although the developer has scaled down the project to 9 lots, there was still concern from the neighbors. One is that the street is named Wendell Canyon Lane, which implies that it will someday connect with the upper portion of property that was previously developed, thus creating a very busy through street that would funnel traffic to 43rd onto East Amazon from Spring Blvd.

Another issue is the runoff from the development being added to the drainage from a current wetlands area that is adjacent to the property. There is presently an undersized culvert that channels the water under 43rd  and this would add to the current conditions that overflow onto 43rd.

Another issue is the condition of 43rd after the upper development. Neighbors said that heavy trucks and machinery deteriorated the residential grade roadbed and shoulders into an unsafe condition that the city has not yet addressed and they fear that more degradation will occur with this development. They feel the developer should pay for this repair and not the taxpayers. Tycer Turner is the owner/builder.