Thank You South Hills Egan Volunteers

by Lynn McCabe, South Hills Egan Warming Center Site Lead

Over the past six weeks Egan Warming Centers were open for 23 nights. We averaged 375 guests each night with a high of 480 guests spread over 9 Egan sites. Suffice it to say, this has been a hard winter already. During one of the worst ice storms I have personally witnessed over the ten years I have lived here, many of you were faced with loss of electricity, heat, and experienced property damage.

And you still showed up to help!

I am in awe to witness such unwavering kindness and compassion and your willingness to be so flexible. Many of you stepped in at the last minute several times when it would have been so much easier to stay home where you were warm and comfortable. Some of you endured sickness. Some of you enthusiastically took over unfamiliar tasks and responsibilities and did whatever was needed to insure that our houseless neighbors were fed and housed on some very cold nights.

I am honored, humbled and truly grateful to be able to participate and serve with each and every one of you! The mere words “thank you” seem inadequate to express how grateful I am and how grateful our guests have been to know that you were there. So many times I had guests tell me how much it meant to them to be able to come to a warming center knowing that they would be well cared for and safe. There is no doubt in my mind that lives have been saved.

I hope you will all enjoy a much needed rest! THANK YOU for showing up!