Amazon Corridor Update

by Reed Dunbar, Transportation Planner, City of Eugene

East Amazon Repaving Update

East Amazon Drive from Hilyard Street to Dillard Road will be repaved this year.  Utility crews have already been in the area working to ensure pipes and other infrastructure are safely away from the repaving surface.

The paving project includes a full depth reclamation (FDR) of the existing road materials.  This FDR process essentially recycles much of the material in-place, reducing hauling costs and construction time.  The project will also rebuild sidewalk access ramps to current standards that meet ADA requirements.

Another feature of the project is to build water quality facilities along the sides of the road.  These facilities will naturally improve the water quality of the road runoff prior to it entering the Amazon Creek.

The project is expected to be bid in March and be completed by late August.  During the early phases of construction, which includes ramp and water quality work, East Amazon should be open for traffic in both directions.  When the actual road reconstruction begins, East Amazon will be closed to all through traffic.  This portion of the work will be constructed in 6 phases, each phase lasting 1 week.  Where feasible, detours will be in place, but motorist should plan on using West Amazon, or alternate routes.

Contact Teri Higgins, Project Manager, with any comments or questions at or (541) 682-8462

Delay of Active Amazon Walking and Bicycling Project

In 2013, the City of Eugene was awarded funding by the Oregon Department of Transportation to develop transportation for active modes in the Amazon Corridor.  This project was expected to coincide with the paving project on East Amazon Drive but a variety of factors have made it impossible to proceed in 2017.  Instead, the project will occur in 2018 with repaving of West Amazon Drive.  There are several advantages to the completing the entire project in 2018.

  1. The entire network will be completed at once. If the bridges across Amazon Creek (see next paragraph) were added in 2017, the connections would be unavailable in 2018 when West Amazon Drive is repaved.
  2. It allows time for utility companies to upgrade their services.
  3. It ensures that work on the bridges can occur on schedule in 2018; permits may or may not be available in 2017 when the bridges arrive.
  4. The City will have completed its new street design standards which may impact the design of the bicycle facility.

The Active Amazon project will include the following infrastructure:

  1. Three bridges across the Amazon Creek between East Amazon and West Amazon drives. This includes replacement of the current bridge at 39th
  2. A protected two-way bike lane on East Amazon adjacent to the park. This facility will extend from Hilyard Street to Dillard Road.
  3. Reconstruction of the Rexius Running Trail (Hilyard to Martin).
  4. Extension of the Amazon Path from 34th Avenue to Tugman Park. Currently, the path narrows to sidewalk width south of 34th  The project would widen the existing sidewalk for people walking and bicycling.
  5. A new pedestrian crossing at Potter Street on East Amazon Drive.

Contact Reed Dunbar, Transportation Planner, with any questions or comments. or (541) 682-5727